Bose Sound Touch 10


In 2017 and 2018 I bought two pairs, each (total of 4) of these WiFi speakers.  I bought them at my local Costco.  I got them because of Bose reputation for high quality sound.  The reviews on them were positive


From the start they were problematic to get to play music over WiFi.  Using the iPhone app and using the Windows app, they would do almost anything except play the same music in 4 rooms.  None of them would play, some of them would play, almost never would all 4 of them play.


We worked with Bose on-line support and forums.  Generally, when I contacted Bose, they blamed it on my home WiFi.  “Reset your router.”  “Move the speakers closer to your router.”  “Disconnect all the speakers and try again.”  “We just released an update to fix this.”  One recent update added AirPlay2 support to the speakers, and broke Amazon Music support.


We spent two years working with Bose on this.  I can only conclude that Bose has excellent audio quality but terrible software people.






Sonos One SL


After the Bose “broke Amazon Music” I found that Costco was selling a 2-pack of these One SL speakers for about $250.  I ordered 2 pairs (4 speakers).  Upon receipt, I set them up, and I put them in the same places the Bose Sound Touch 10’s are in.


They just work.  They worked the first time.  They have worked every time since.  All 4 of them start and play synchronous music over WiFi.


So two years of grief is over.  What a waste of time putting up with all of the bad support from Bose.


About Costco: High praise to Costco.  They took the four Bose speakers back and refunded me all the money.  It more than covered the four Sonos speakers.  I hope they can get all of their money back from Bose.